Heirs and assets

Heirs and assets

Asset succession

Inheritance tax can be a tax burden that jeopardises the existence of family businesses in particular. Both entrepreneurs and wealthy private individuals should prepare and implement measures to optimise their estate and succession planning in good time.

An important aspect of asset succession planning is carefully analysing the current and future family and tax environment and allocating assets to different asset types and countries.

TAXGATE's services in this area show possibilities for reducing inheritance and gift tax burdens, for example through anticipated inheritance, asset reorganisations for the targeted use of inheritance tax benefits or by including life insurance policies and foundations.

In cooperation with renowned law firms, further legal arrangements such as marriage and inheritance contracts, wills and the execution of wills are included in the asset succession concept. Our advisors also have many years of experience in taking international aspects into account, for example when moving abroad. In particular, moving abroad, which is attractive in terms of inheritance tax, can be associated with considerable tax burdens in terms of income tax without the corresponding actual realisation of profits, so that careful preparation and implementation is of particular importance.


Investment Consulting

The large number and complexity of investment alternatives for capital assets and property, plant and equipment initially requires a comprehensive and clear recording of investments and types of income.

TAXGATE's services in this area initially serve to establish standardised asset controlling for all investments, including a timely analysis of the individual investments with regard to effective costs, income and taxes.

On this basis, we can make specific suggestions for the structure of your investments and draw up an investment plan, e.g. with the aim of systematically building up assets from current income, restructuring existing investments from a tax perspective or optimising the return and risk diversification of existing investments.

Investment consulting also includes the evaluation of selected strategies, for example when setting up a tax-optimised securities portfolio in close coordination with the asset managers, taking into account the widely diverging international withholding tax burdens and reclaim options in order to increase the effective return after costs and taxes.

TAXGATE - Our experience

Track Record

We have acquired our in-depth and long-standing experience in numerous national and international transactions. In the recent past, for example, we have advised our clients on the following, mostly cross-border projects:

Heirs and assets:

  • Real estate company on the transfer of shares and properties to the next generation
  • Medium-sized company setting up a foundation
  • International family with German property in succession planning
  • Community of heirs in a dispute with a large property portfolio
  • Swinging matrimonial property regime for the settlement of advance gifts
  • Numerous wealthy private individuals on the tax and inheritance law efficient organisation of their succession, including advice on wills and succession planning
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